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Calculate a consumer's Marginal Rate of Substitution (996,004 questions)

Frequently asked questions

If the Ace Micro's lessons correspond to what you see in class, then the questions are relevant to you. Ace Micro is for anyone taking a course in Advanced Microeconomics with calculus.

We've lost count! But each lesson has at least 80 questions, and up to 100 billion questions (yes, billion, with a b). Essential lessons including utility maximization, welfare, monopolist's profit maximization, and Cournot Equilibrium have at least 10,000 questions. That's plenty of practice!

The book contains a variety of new questions and an exclusive lesson on General Equilibrium.

Ace Micro works wherever you have an internet connection. Ace Micro is available 24/7 minus maintenance and possible technical issues.

A cheatsheet provides shortcuts to solve problems in Microeconomics. Some cheat sheets cover a specific topic, like utility maximization. Some are broader, perfect for open book exams.

Not yet, but there is an alternative.

Our content creator is on Fiverr and is sure to be keen on creating practice questions that are not featured on Ace Micro.

All the practice questions and answers you see on Ace Micro are difficult to create. We are working towards automating the process by 2023, so students will be able to submit a question and get the answer.

If it is a one-off question, how about asking your professor or your tutor? Most of the time, they enjoy interacting with students!

Not yet, but we plan on providing tutoring sessions in the future.

Heaps and the next steps are:
  • Progress tracking: find out your strengths and spot areas of improvement
  • A community of learners: interact with fellow students and the Ace Micro team
  • Calculators: you will be able to input the parameters you want and get detailed steps
  • New lessons: Maths for economists, and advanced game theory